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Circle of life – Sharon Sampson's new solo exhibition of mixed media

opens on Wednesday 12 June at 6pm with Bevan de Wet as the opening speaker



Halifax Art June exhibition

February Eclectica
Lisa Crumpton, John Moore, Gerrie van Tonder, Ingrid Uys, Andrew Hamlet, Olaf Bisshof, Fred Schimmel, Anton Smit, George Holloway, Sharon Sampson, Sue Matin, Sue Pam-Grant and James de Villiers.



It's a wonderful new year!

Halifax Art in january 2017

Image: Sharon Sampson. Red chair. Monotype on paper. 134 x 105.

Lebohang Sithole Intathakusa (before the sun rises)



Jean de la Harpe and  Neil McCarthy




In the spirit of support for yet unsung artists,
Halifax Art is proud to present a debut solo exhibition for Gail Rybko.
Gail’s creativity was fired through the craft of pottery for almost two decades,
however her longstanding yearning to paint leading her ultimately to take up art classes with Hanlie de Bondt,
and subsequently with Ricky Burnett over the past 5 years.

Inspired initially by the ephemeral feeling evoked by water and clouds, as well as her fascination with the blending of paint,
Gail’s meditative process of layering of oil on textural canvas has allowed images to form in a spontaneous manner,
a blending relationship between emotion and paint.
The result is a haunting body of work reminiscent of the most basic particles of the elements – water, earth, fire and air.
Abstract in nature, the movement of paint creates a mood in time and space,
allowing the viewer their own reflective revelations as the layers of paint unfold for the viewer.
mbued with moody tones of browns and blues, and interspersed with metallic hues,
the body of work is dark, yet light simultaneously, radiating quiet luminosity.
Gail currently lives and works, with her family in Johannesburg.

We are excited to present a platform for Gail’s first exhibition,
and look forward to furthering her imprint in the years ahead.


June at halifax Art

ingrid–e–uys–this fleeting forever



About the Exhibition

In her first solo exhibition, Uys presents a series of oils on canvas and paper,
capturing the movement of hummingbirds, swallows and doves in flight.
Growing up close to nature, and inspired by a sense of quietness and alone-ness,
Uys often found herself lying on her back, absorbed by the clouds, planets and stars.

In time, this fascination with the sky extended to the birds that inhabited this vast space.
 Uys’ childhood was also characterized by many moves to a series of small towns,
thus the concept of flight, movement and migration provides a platform against which permanence -
the delicate detail of a wing in flight - is captured.
The spiritual nature of swallows in particular resonate closely with Uys,
providing the basis of her early nickname “Swaeltjie”.  
This layering of inspiration is reflected in many of her oils on canvas where layers of paint,
water and liquin reveal colour, depth and richness of the cloudscapes.
The concept of contrast takes relevance as giant, broad brushstrokes
are juxtaposed against the finest of detailed painting, as only a 5 zeros paintbrush is able to render. 
This is the lightness of a feather, a wing,
the expression of a mesmerising eye, captured in the moment of a looming thunderstorm.  
In works on paper, negative space allows the presentation of textural
quality as mixed media combines with paper to form radiating striations around the subject matter.
In a few of the works, the birds are presented against a portrait,
glimpses of a richly coloured and regal female figure, porcelain-like, in varying poses.  

About the Artist

Born in Ermelo, Uys moved between Clarens, Harrismith and Middelburg,
before settling in Pretoria to complete her studies.
She graduated in 2007 from University of Pretoria with a BA Fine Art Degree.
She has participated in group exhibitions at Erdmann Contemporary and Halifax Art.
Following the birth of her daughter, Uys has worked towards creating a body of work for a solo exhibition.
She lives with her husband in Johannesburg.
Her work is represented in a few collections of distinction.   

Gallery hours:

9am to 4pm Tuesdays to Fridays

9.30am to 2pm Saturdays

9.30am to 1pm Sundays

Closed Mondays and certain public holidays.


Sue Martin 'remains'

a solo presentation

9 – 30 September 2015

Opening speaker Cyril Coetzee – artist – curator – art historian

Curated by Les Cohn

DAWN / bees wax and oil pigment on canvas board / 80 x 69 cm

Dawn_Sue Martin


Halifax Art supports

benon lutaaya – reveal

27 August at 6pm

Opening speaker: Carolynne Waterhouse

Venue: Gordon Business Institute of Business Science – Art on Campus

26 Melville road, illovo

CRANK / joburg 2015 / aquarelle on paper / 36 x 29,7 cm

don't misss – a solo presentation by Claudia Shneider

20 August – 7 September 2015

CRANK / joburg 2015 / aquarelle on paper / 36 x 29,7 cm

crank_joburg 2015_claudia_shneider





urbanism by Lynette van Tonder can be viewed on



About the Exhibition


Urbanism reflects randomly on the relationship between a Euro-African woman
and her mother-city, Johannesburg. Issues of safety, integrity, femininity and politics are addressed.
Architect Adolf Loos stated that architecture (the house) is obliged to bring comfort,
whereas works of art must produce discomfort and challenge the status quo.
In Urbanism, architecture embodies the source of discomfort.
Buildings and structures represent masculine strength, beautiful and stoic,
apparently fulfilling some grand purpose while the female form embodies fragility,
human fickleness and fading physical beauty.
In a wrestling match between artist, medium and message, contrasting subject matter
such as relationship, isolation, bravery and fear create tension bringing about the images.
Elements of chaos and violence form part of the creative process
as perfectionist takes on flawed humanity.
Mark making is integral to the message.
In a repetitive process of covering and exposing,
controlling and relinquishing all control,the images are created.
Layers are exposed and hidden behind societal masks,
revealing unexpected beauty when imperfection and brokenness is embraced.

About the Artist

Lynette van Tonder was born in Pretoria but grew up in the countryside just outside Johannesburg.
She received a diploma in graphic design at Pretoria Technikon (TUT) and worked her way up to the position of creative director in design and advertising winning several awards for large international and local blue chip brands.

She furthered her studies at the Summer Academy of Art in Salzburg, Austria, (lithography with Prof Werner Otte);
Bill Ainslie Studio (etching); Thea Soggot (drawing / painting);
Bevan de Wet and Lebohang Sithole at Sharon Sampson studios (printmaking),
Professional Practice Seminar with Art Source in partnership with Lizamore and Associates.
Van Tonder’s first solo exhibition, COVERED, comments on loss of identity
when abuse is hidden behind societal masks.
Rather than using shock tactics, the artist presents a sober reflection inviting courage
to lift masks covering wounds that require honest introspection, accountability and personal responsibility.



Halifax Art, 35a, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

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